The Right Decryption Key May Only Eliminate Some Ransomware Viruses

As if running a business isn’t enough of a challenge for a business owner, they also have to contend with malcontents that want to steal data that they have no right to. Unfortunately, ransomware is becoming more prominent and hackers are getting more creative when it comes to putting their software onto people’s computers. While there are some that are easily diffused with the right code, many are highly sophisticated making it difficult, if not impossible, to remove.

For those people that aren’t familiar with ransomware and what it does, this is a virus that holds data hostage, usually by encrypting it. The person who uploads the virus demands a certain amount of money or they will delete all of the data on the computer, network or server that they have accessed. Once paid, they might provide the decryption key, they might demand more money or they may maliciously delete the data anyway. That’s why it’s vital that a business protects itself.

One of the most important things a business can do is educate their employees about the risks of opening unknown attachments or going to websites that aren’t secure. Many experts also recommend turning off macros in Word documents, as a hacker can hide a virus in a macro, which will become active once it is enabled.

It’s also important that a business secures its network. They can do this by preventing access to unsecured sites. However, it’s also important to change passwords regularly and ensure that all computers on the network have the most current virus software.

If a virus is downloaded onto a computer, it’s important to remove it from the network as soon as possible. All viruses are designed to infect as many computers and servers as possible. If a computer is taken off of a network, the virus will be unable to spread.

Lastly, make sure to backup all data onto a remote server on a regular basis. If a hacker compromises a system, the backup may be all that stands between a hacker and financial disaster.

If you own a business, you need to take your network security seriously. Using these tips, plus working with a network professional, should ensure that you keep your data as safe as possible.