How to Start Your Own Medical Business

The tremendous boom experienced by the healthcare industry in the last decade has given a spurt in demand within the allied industries as well, the medical billing sector being one of the biggest beneficiaries.

Medical billing is essentially the process of procuring payment from the insurance providers as well as the patients for the purpose of compensating physicians for the medical services they have performed. To achieve success in this technically driven business, it is important that the entrepreneur does the initial spadework and makes a concrete plan regarding how to start your own medical billing business logistic.

Knowledge and expertise

If you are still an amateur in the field of medical billing, you will need proper training and knowledge on two main aspects of this business, which is one of the more profitable small business options because it has a fairly small investment requirement. The two aspects of training are the capability of understanding technical terminology and establishing contacts for the purpose of networking.

The easiest way to gain the required expertise is to enroll in medical coding and billing classes. Such a course will effectively prepare you for a business in medical billing and counting, apart from touching upon various other important aspects, which will include:

1. Medical terminology

2. Anatomy

3. Insurance forms and related procedures

4. Coding systems

5. National diagnostic and procedural systems

6. Procedures for handling denied claims

7. Billing computer software

8. Soft collection techniques

9. Providing medical billing service

10. CPT codes

It also helps to keep abreast with changes within the industry and attend the seminars or workshops imparting training regarding any innovations in the field.

Equipment required

When considering how to start a medical billing and coding business, the next most important thing you will need to decide on is the equipment you might require for the purpose. The most important equipment required for this particular business includes:

1. A computer

2. High speed internet connection

3. Printer

4. Medical billing software

5. CPT coding manual

Medical billing business logistics

After you have gained the essential expertise, work out the basics of infrastructure and other logistics related to your medical billing business. The most important aspects could include:

1. Physical location of your business

2. Terms and conditions of service

3. Outline of the initial investment required

4. Nature and quantity of team members required

5. Range of services offered

Marketing your services

Once you have all the essential equipment in place and have gained the essential expertise, it is time that you build an effective marketing strategy to create adequate awareness about your services. Especially in the startup stage, it is advisable to create awareness by sending direct mailers to doctors, cold calling, and most importantly, networking in the medical billing community. In fact, it is also recommended to start marketing for your services from your personal physician’s office to begin with, which might give you an additional head start.

Getting a license

In case you are thinking of how to start a medical billing business from home, make sure you obtain the essential business license required to operate a home-based business. You might also need to be affiliated to certain centralized bodies and associations that are relevant to the industry of medical billing.


Sound knowledge and expertise in the technical aspects of the business of medical billing and counting is the cornerstone of success in this industry. Before you actually step into this kind of a venture, make sure you have gained all the essential knowledge and expertise in this field, along with fulfilling the basic licensing criteria.